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It's your turn to get your Interior Design business regularly featured in the media so you can:

Raise your rates
Hire more help
Get brand deals
Launch your dream product line
Fill your waitlist with clients you love working with

Meet Jane


Hey I'm Jane, founder of Jane Atkin PR. I created this company to help talented interior designers get the recognition (and client list) they deserve.

After a decade working in Marketing & PR securing local and national press for a range of luxury interiors brands, nutritionists, real estate agents, property developers, hotels and tech companies, I decided double-down on my passion for interiors and expertise in PR.

It's my goal to help Interior Designers raise their rates, hire more help, get brand deals, launch product lines, and fill their waitlist with clients they love working with.

When you're ready to get more of the right eyes on your business, I'm here.

Jane Atkin

Come sit with me...

My name's Jane Atkin.

I believe that when your personality and brand strategy are aligned, you show up in your business with a new-found confidence.

I know this, because I know what it's like to have a fear of being visible. This fear kept me and my business small. Small audience. Small impact. Small profits.

Until I decided to do something about it.

Now I coach women like you through your fear of being visible, while I use my decade of PR, marketing, copywriting and brand expertise to build an unforgettable brand that you're excited to show up for every day.

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