Genius PR Move by Harry Styles & Better Homes & Gardens

When we think of Better Homes & Gardens we think: beautifully designed kitchens, thoughtful living room styling, eye-catching wallpapers and… as of their June issue…Harry Styles.

Yep that’s right. Harry Styles.

Harry’s unexpected Better Homes & Gardens cover took us all by surprise, and was – in my eyes – a little slice of PR genius.

Image credit: Tim Walker for Better Homes & Gardens

Harry could’ve done a big spread in any music magazine to announce his new album ‘Harry’s House’, but instead opted for a media outlet that focuses on the HOME.

I love how his PR team saw the title of Harry’s album ‘Harry’s House’ as an opportunity to branch out beyond their usual target media to promote his upcoming release.

I mean sure – if you were just hoping for some kitchen inspo and found a double page spread of a topless Harry Styles pulling himself out of a lake, you might have a few questions.

But Better Homes & Gardens quickly found an angle that fit with both Harry and the interiors magazine, introducing the exclusive as: “Harry Styles explores themes of belonging, peace, and discovering domestic bliss wherever you can find it.”

And the result?

The exclusive had a big enough ‘WTF’ factor that it actually crashed BH&G’s website when Harry announced it on his Instagram, according to

The unlikely cover gained instant global attention.

Everywhere from interiors blogs and news outlets to Harry fans on TikTok – everyone was talking about it.

A big win for Harry and a huge cross-pollination opportunity for the two audiences, as more readers than ever hurried out to get their hands on the June issue of Better Homes & Gardens.

So, what can we learn from this when it comes to using PR to promote something new in your business?

  1. Think outside your usual target media.

Could you find an angle that not only works with interiors media but also wellness, fashion, or food? This is a great way of gaining the attention of people who typically sit outside your audience.

  1. Plan ahead

Let’s say you’re an interior designer with a new product line you’re about to release. Before pitching, you want to make sure you’ve got all your ducks in a row for when your media feature goes live. Be READY for those clicks.

  1. ‘Surprise’ sells

We all know sex sells, but in the PR world – surprise sells better. How could you introduce an unexpected element when you’re sharing something new with the media?

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